How to Jailbreak FireStick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular and powerful streaming devices on the market. Known as the FireStick, this media streamer is the holy grail for cord-cutters and anyone who wants to take their streaming a notch higher.

FireStick is compatible with a lot of streaming apps. Popular ones include Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sling TV, Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. But, as you have noticed, all these are premium services that need a subscription. If you are a true cord-cutter, these will cost you a fortune. Additionally, you will need to subscribe to at most three services to get the best entertainment.

But, with the right optimizations, settings, and apps, your FireStick will be the epitome in the streaming world. You can access unlimited entertainment, install third-party streaming apps, and even cut the cord entirely. All this is possible if you jailbreak your FireStick.

In this guide, you will know how to jailbreak FireStick in simple, easy steps.

What is a FireStick Jailbreak?

The term jailbreak is associated with iPhones in which it’s a process you use to gain system privileges. This is done by modifying the operating system files or installing an entirely modified firmware. The system privileges help you bypass various iPhone restrictions.

For FireStick jailbreak, it is a different process with the same end goal. You get to bypass various restrictions on your FireStick by only changing multiple settings and not modifying system files. Ideally, jailbreaking your FireStick allows you to sideload apps (installing third-party apps not available in the Amazon Store).

Unlike the iPhone jailbreak, a FireStick jailbreak is easy and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. As long as you follow the instructions outlined in this guide, you will jailbreak your FireStick without a hassle. Without further ado, let’s dive into the main action.

How to Jailbreak your FireStick

To fully use and get the most out of your FireStick, a jailbreak is a necessity. As mentioned earlier, it is an easy process. In this guide, you will follow step-by-step instructions and listed methods to Jailbreak your FireStick. Within minutes, you should be able to install various apps and enjoy restricted content.

Before you begin the process, make sure you meet the following prerequisites. Turn on your FireStick, have the remote with you, and ensure you have a working internet connection.

Step 1: Prepare your Fire Stick for Jailbreaking

This step involves optimizing your FireStick for the jailbreak process to work. Mainly, you will toggle developer settings that will allow other following steps to work. Note: these settings will enable you to install and use other third-party apps in the future. The process is as follows:

1) On your Firestick Home Screen, scroll to the menu bar and navigate to “Settings.”

2) Select “My Fire TV”

3) On the next options, select “Developer Options.”

4) Turn on both “ADB Debugging” and “Apps from Unknown Sources”

5) You will see a prompt, as shown in the picture below. Read it and select the “Turn On” option.

Step 2: Tweak preferences

Changing the following preference settings will enable you to squeeze some performance and also maintain your privacy. Concisely, you will stop your FireStick from sharing its usage data.

1) On the Settings window, click on “Preferences.”

2) Select “Privacy Settings”

3) Toggle off Device Usage Data, Collect App Usage Data and even opt out of interest-based ads.

4) Press the Back button to go back to the preference options, and select “Data Monitoring.”

5) Toggle off the data monitoring option.

Step 3: Sideload Apps

Now that most restrictions are out of the way, you need apps to jailbreak your FireStick fully. However, FireStick does not allow direct download of apps. Due to this restriction, you can sideload apps using the following ways:

  • Via the Downloader or,
  • Pushing apps directly from your Android smartphone.

Method 1: Install the Downloader on FireStick

The Downloader is a powerful FireStick app designed to download and install (sideload) apps. You can also browse directly from the Downloader. Hence, this makes the Downloader the first app you should install to facilitate the jailbreaking process. Proceed as follows;

1) On your Firestick Home Screen, scroll to the menu bar and navigate to the “Search Icon.”

2) On the search window, type “Downloader” and click OK.

3) Select the Downloader as shown below.

4) Click on the “Get/Download” option to install the Downloader.

5) Open the app once the installation is complete. Click OK for the prompts and allow permissions. You should see the following interface after the prompts.

To use the Downloader to sideload apps, you will need the app’s URL (APK file). You can easily find the URLs online. If you don’t have access to one, using your phone or PC, go to the App’s website, and find it on the download section. Use to shorten the URL since it is difficult to type the download URL via the remote.

Method 2: Sideload Apps Using Your Android Phone or Tablet via Apps2Fire

This is an alternative method if you don’t have the URL for the Downloader. But first, you need to install Apps2Fire on your phone from the Play Store. After all is set, you can then download the apps to your phone and push them to your FireStick. Moreover, you can even push apps installed on your phone.

Before you begin sideloading apps, you have to pair your FireStick and your Android phone. Make sure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Pairing is only done once. To pair and sideload apps via this method, use the following steps:

1) Launch the Apps2Fire app on your phone, tap the three vertical dots on the top right, and select “setup.”

2) On the page that opens up, use the “Search Fire TVs” button for the app to automatically discover your FireStick’s IP address. Click Save if you get an IP address.

3) If the app doesn’t discover your FireStick IP address, you will have to enter it manually. On your FireStick Home, click Settings, select My Fire TV, proceed to About, and then click on Network. Note the IP address and type it on the Apps2Fire app on your phone, and click Save.
4) You will get an ADB Debugging prompt on your FireStick, tick the “Remember this device” option. The Apps2Fire app will also give you a notification that your device has connected.

5) To sideload apps to your FireStick, click on the “Upload icon,” select the folder where you placed the app, click on the app, and select Upload.
If you don’t see the folder, click on the folder up arrow till you reach folder: 0. Then scroll and select the Download folder. Most downloads go to this folder.
6) Alternatively, if the app is installed on your phone, from the “Local Apps” page, tap on the app and select “Install.” You will get a notification on your phone regarding the installation status.

Step 4: Essential apps to power your Jailbroken FireStick

Now that you know how to sideload apps, this step will inform you on the best apps to complete the FireStick jailbreak process. Many third-party apps promise you the best but don’t keep up their end. To save you the hassle, below is a listicle of the best essential apps. These apps will give you the best home entertainment experience.
    • VPN: Security and Privacy

A VPN is a must-have app that should be on when you are streaming content on your FireStick. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) keeps your online security and privacy safe from prying eyes. It does this by; encrypting your internet traffic and routing it via a secure tunnel to a server of your choice. The server assigns you a virtual IP address; this is what online entities will see instead of your real IP address.

Besides privacy and security, a VPN also allows you to bypass geo-restrictions. Hence, you will gain access and stream content from all over the world. Reputable VPNs include: ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark.

    • Aptoide TV: Alternative App Store

The Amazon App Store only hosts a handful of apps, most of which require a subscription. To cut the cord and save some bucks, you need an alternative app store. Currently, Aptoide TV is the best alternative App Store for a jailbroken FireStick. This store has no restrictions, and it offers apps for free. However, not all apps are hosted in Aptoide; you will still need to sideload other apps.

    • Kodi: Hub of entertainment

Kodi is a popular media streamer and is one of the best apps for a FireStick Jailbreak. Kodi opens the doors to a realm of quality entertainment. With Kodi, you can watch Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and a lot of free premium content with no subscription. However, to enjoy this free content, you need to install the right Kodi Builds, Repos, and add-ons.

For novice users, installing repos, builds and add-ons on Kodi can be an intimidating task. The more you do it, the more it becomes easy.

    • Cinema HD: TV Shows and Movies

Cinema HD is also a popular app that has garnered a lot of positive reputation. This app gives you access to free premium movie and TV Shows in HD quality without ads. Moreover, Cinema HD has a vast database of content. You can sort content via popularity, top-rated, new, and genre.

Additionally, Cinema HD supports the integration of Real-Debrid and Trakt accounts. Real-Debrid allows you to stream content from unrestricted hosts while Trakt keeps track of your watching activities respectively. Cinema HD also receives frequent updates.

    • Mobdro: Live TV

Mobdro is the jailbreak king for Live TV. This app has been around for a while, and it continues to offer the best. Mobdro gives you unlimited HD access to various Live TV streams. Most of the channels are from the US, but there’s also a handful of worldwide channels. Its categories include News, Sports, Tech, Animals, and on-demand TV Shows and Movies.

Unlike other apps, Mobdro demands your support to continue bringing you free content. Mobdro does this by either pushing apps or using your FireStick resources when Idle. You have to choose between the two. Otherwise, Mobdro is a favorite app for a FireStick jailbreak.

Wrap up

Jailbreaking your FireStick is an easy task. If you follow the stipulated guidelines, nothing will go wrong – you will get the most out of your FireStick at no cost. However, remember always to use a VPN when streaming using various jailbreak FireStick apps. Most of them might contain copyrighted material, and this can land you in trouble. To tread on the safe side, use a reputable VPN to protect your privacy and online security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe and legal to jailbreak a FireStick?

The short answer is yes. Jailbreaking your FireStick using the above methods will not land you in any trouble. It is perfectly safe and legal since system files are not modified; you can revert to the default settings using the factory reset.

Is it different from Android and iOS jailbreak?

On Android and iOS, to gain system privileges, you need to modify the operating system files. This is done by flashing/installing a modified firmware. Usually, a risky affair that requires a grasp of the essential tech-know how.

Can I brick my device?

No, you will not brick your FireStick by using the above methods. Bricking is common when modifying the core operating system files, which is not the case here.

Will jailbreaking my FireStick void the warranty?

Installing third-party apps and tweaking a few FireStick settings will not void the warranty. As long as you are not modifying the firmware, your warranty stands.

How does my FireStick performance after the jailbreak?

Firestick jailbreak boosts your performance up to a certain level. Moreover, you will get more out of your FireStick, such as gaining access to apps and restricted content not available in the Amazon Store. However, if you run some heavy or resource-hungry apps, your FireStick performance might take a hit.

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